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Probate Research

Established in 1986, Macbeths is a specialist genealogical business primarily tracing heirs of estates. We operate in conjunction with offices and associates throughout the world. We provide probate research for courts, solicitors, trust officers, executors and corporations throughout the world.

Genealogy and Probate Research

Sometimes a person leaves a Will and names a beneficiary who is unknown or not contactable by relatives or friends of the deceased. Macbeths can assist in tracing the beneficiary.

On other occasions a person dies intestate or the beneficiaries die before the Will maker is unable to update their Will. In this case Macbeths can assist the family members of the deceased and, if needs be, locate those who will inherit the estate. Macbeths also provides the necessary documentation to prove the exact relationship with the deceased.

In summary, Macbeths has the expertise required for the correct determination of heirs and the subsequent distribution of an estate.

World-wide Network

Often it is necessary for Macbeths to search for a beneficiary who is overseas, or to compile a family tree which includes research in countries other than Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland and Wales . We are privileged to have built up a network of associates in many countries of the world and have successfully undertaken research in Ireland, Korea, Europe, North America, and South Africa. From time to time we research in other countries as well.

Tracing Heirs

The task of compiling an accurate family tree is complex and time consuming, and requires both an extensive knowledge of likely sources of information and the most effective way of obtaining that information. Macbeths is assisted in tracing heirs through their: competent and experienced staff; selected network of interstate and international associates; private reference material - including databases published in books, microform, CD-Rom etc; and advanced technological base - including internet connection allowing rapid searching and data exchange.

Our private library allow us to search for beneficiaries in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland and Wales without leaving our office.

Document Service

Macbeths also offers a document retrieval service for material such as certificates of birth, marriage and death; divorce papers; probate etc throughout Australia, New Zealand and many parts of the world.

Contact for further information.

Macbeth Genealogical Services
PO Box 136 Hampton Vic 3188 Australia
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