Macbeth Genealogical Services is the largest company of professional genealogists in Australia. We are also the oldest having been established in 1987 by Sue McBeth and Bob Jephcott. Many of our clients have been with us since the 1980s which is a tribute to our expertise and quality control.

Sue McBeth began teaching family history in 1983 at the Council of Adult Education (CAE) Victoria with Wendy Baker and taught and lectured all around Australia and places in England.

In 1988 the business developed publishing genealogical material in book, fiche and CD-ROM formats. In 1996 Macbeths commenced the first electronic genealogy newsletter in Australia.

Since its inception Macbeths, despite its other activities, has provided a probate genealogy research service to clients working in the probate field. Its client base has grown and the research side of the business has flourished

In 2003 Macbeth developed the first (and apparently still the only) electronic based file management system in the world developed for solely for probate genealogy. This commenced when we won the tender to undertake all the work of the Public Trustee in the Australian state of Western Australia (WA PT). Because of MacAuto (our automated management system) we complete applications for records in shorter time than our competitors, track them etc all making us extremely efficient in our work.