What We Do

  • complete intestacies identifying and locating beneficiaries all around the world.
  • identify and locate executors and beneficiaries (heirs) of estates
  • we identify and locate unnamed classes in a Will
  • we investigate and report on de facto relationship claims
  • we investigate and report on paternity issues
  • report for Benjamin orders, or sections of various Trustees Acts
  • check personal IDs
  • obtain certificates and other documents from around the world.
  • research chains of executors
  • complete Estates Entitled parts of intestacies
  • investigate intestacy laws of other countries.
  • give advice regarding missing people around the world.
  • ‘clean’ your deeds registers and Will registers.
  • obtain family forms , banking particulars and other documents from beneficiaries
  • write distributions for estates
  • certify our work.

Our Clients

Our clients include legal professionals, public and private Trustee Companies, private executors.

Why Macbeths

Macbeths has existed for over 35 years, has trained staff; an efficient file management system, agreements with agencies and a very good reputation. All research staff have between 25 and 40 years’ experience in probate genealogy.