How do I print more than one result per page from DiggerTM?

The easiest way is to make sure you are viewing the list of results, and not a single result, by choosing the Results List button, or View | Results List from the menus. Click on any one you want printed, then hold down the control key and click on each of the others. This will highlight all the entries you are interested in.

Now choose the Print button, or File | Print from the menus. Choose your preferred options from those displayed. The Help button will provide more detail on the meaning of these options if you are unsure what to choose. In this situation, you probably want to make sure that Records to Print is set to Selected Records so that only your highlighted records will be printed. Also make sure the One Record per Page option is not ticked.

Finally, click on the Print button to start printing.

There are many other ways to print more than one entry on a page. You may like to read about the other printing options, and about tagged records, in the on-line help.