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Macbeth Genealogical Services

Welcome to MACBETH's web site. If you've been here before, you might like to see What's New.

To make it easier for you to find what you want, we have divided our site into different sections. Please start browsing our site by choosing the section above that interests you the most. This short description of each section might help.

Free Indexes

This section of our web site allows you to search two indexes we prepared (Divorce Index Victoria and Assisted Immigration to Victoria Ships), and the Immigration Index. Victoria available on the Public Record Office of Victoria's web site.

Once you have found what you want in an index, make sure you read the accompanying What am I looking at? page to find where you can obtain further details. For those who find it difficult to obtain the further information themselves, we offer a fixed-price service to supply photocopies of the records indexed by these three and other databases. This service is described in the Free Indexes section under Set price records.


MACBETHs can supply a huge range of genealogy-related goods, including CDROMs, microfiche, books and maps. This section of our web site has a searchable database of most of the items we stock.


MACBETHs is a multi-faceted company providing genealogy-related services to several different categories of clients. In this area you can read about our newsletter for family history researchers, our probate research services for courts, solicitors, executors and trust officers, and our CDROM production services for owners of data.


Information, support and downloads relating to our DiggerTM software, contained on many of the CDROMs we stock.


Information relating to our FlikkerTM software, contained on many of the CDROMs we stock.


Details on all sorts of policy items, such as postage charges, GST, overseas orders, payment methods, and email queries.


A description of the different ways you can order from MACBETHs. Choose the one that best suits you.


All the different ways you can contact us.

Macbeth Genealogical Services
PO Box 136 Hampton Vic 3188 Australia
Email: Telephone: +61 3 9598 0435 Fax: +61 3 9598 0365
ABN: 28 006 771 491
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