How do we instruct you?

Macbeths only work on deceased estates or matters with a legislative basis. In order to instruct us and adhere to Australian access policies we always need to know the name of the deceased, have a copy of the death certificate, a copy of the Grant, or if no grant a letter explaining the situation together with formal instructions.
We can help you instruct us where there is no Grant.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are legal professionals, public and private Trustee Companies, private executors.

How do you work?

Budget We work to an agreed budget.
Commencement When we commence work we will email you an automatically generated email.

Interim Reports Our first report to you will be 6 weeks after receipt of the file. From then reports will be three-monthly. Our reports consist of an overview with topics such as:
Name of estate
Report date
File received
Progress to date
Next step
Estimated time frame
Issues hindering the resolution of the case
Next report date
Family tree
An indented family tree and or a graphical family tree may accompany the report.
We prefer to issue reports by email as pdf files.

Final report Depending on the aim of the research a final report can vary from the provision of a document to a large indented and graphical family tree supported by certificates and other documents. We can provide distribution plans and can certify our work.
Invoices Are issued at the end of each month for some clients and for others at the end of the assignment. Time sheets accompany invoices and indicate the work we have done, the expenses incurred and the charges of our sub-contractors if any. We can apportion charges against different beneficiaries if necessary.