DiggerTM Software

Version 4.1.4 of DiggerTM is now available for download from this page. This new version of DiggerTM will work with all pre-existing DiggerTM CD-ROMs, but will not install under Windows 3.x. If you have Windows 3.x, please contact us and we will send you an update on floppy.

There have been minor enhancements and improvements over previous versions, based on suggestions from users. Versions 2.21 and up of DiggerTM also solve all known problems with the Pioneer Index. Victoria 1836 – 1888. If you have the Pioneer Index, we strongly recommend you download and install this update.

This software is of no use to you if you do not already own at least one of the DiggerTM CD-ROMs.

Download and Installation Instructions

  1. Select the link below to start the download (3.6 Mbytes).
  2. Specify a name of digger414.exe for the file, and save it to your hard disk.
  3. Run digger414.exe by double-clicking on it, and follow the instructions.
  4. When you are asked where to install the software, make sure you select the folder containing your current version of DiggerTM.
  5. Once installed, you will be using the new version of DiggerTM next time you choose any of your pre-existing DiggerTM icons. If you wish to confirm this, select About from the Help menu within DiggerTM, and check the version number.
  6. You may delete digger414.exe if you wish.

Uninstallation Instructions

Should you wish to remove this version of DiggerTM from your computer and revert to the original version:

  1. Locate your digger folder and delete the following files:
    • digger.exe
    • digger.hlp
    • dig32.hlp
    • dig32fq.hlp
    • digview.exe
    • digview.hlp
    • getst32.hlp
    • diggerfq.hlp
    • dig32.fts
    • dig32fq.fts
    • getst32.fts
  2. Re-install any one of your DiggerTM CD-ROMs.

Viewing the guided tour

The guided tour has been created using Lotus ScreenCam 97. It can be viewed on any computer with Windows 3, Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT. There are several options for downloading the tour.

Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, or NT

If you are unsure which option to choose, Option 1 is the simplest.

Option 1: (recommended) Executable guided tour, with built-in viewing software.

Option 2: Executable guided tour in compressed ZIP format; requires unzipping software.

Option 3: Lotus ScreenCam data file. Requires your own copy of Lotus ScreenCam 97 or the Lotus ScreenCam 97 player

Option 4: Lotus ScreenCam 97 data file in compressed ZIP format. Requires unzipping software and your own copy of Lotus ScreenCam 97 or the Lotus ScreenCam 97 player.

Windows 3

Option 1: Lotus ScreenCam 97 data file. Requires Lotus ScreenCam 97 player and Microsoft Win32s.

Option 2: Lotus ScreenCam data file in compressed ZIP format. Requires Lotus ScreenCam 97 player and Microsoft Win32s.