Use *

Use the * frequently in your searches, especially if you are having trouble finding that person you know must be there somewhere.

Often, the reason you can’t find your ancestor is because their name has been spelt incorrectly. Try replacing the first letter or two with a *. Try replacing the last few letters with an *. If the name you are looking for has double letters, try with one followed by an *, or replacing both with an *.

For example, instead of Jenson, try *enson. Perhaps the J was misread as an I. Instead of Meade, try Mea*. Perhaps the de was misread as le. Instead of Aberdeen, try Aberd*n.

Check for abbreviations and mis-spellings

Have a look through the actual data, using the Browse button to the far right of each field where you enter the information you know. This will often give you ideas as to what else you should be searching for.