Internet Registration

First Time Registrations

Make sure your Internet connection is working, then open your DiggerTM database by following the instructions that came with your CD. DiggerTM will notice you haven’t already registered, and ask if you wish to do so now. Choose Register Now.

You will be asked if you have received a Registration Code. As you have not yet attempted to register this CD, select No and click on Next.

Now you are asked to choose which registration method you want to use. If you have never registered a Macbeth CD before, select the second option, Internet, and click the Next button. If you already have a username and password from an earlier registration of another Macbeth product, select the Express Internet option instead.

The next screen or two will request your registration details. Enter the appropriate information and click Next. If you are using the Express option, the details you entered last time should display, in which case you can accept them immediately or update them if anything has changed.

You will be asked for the CD Key. This is printed on the back of your CD case. Enter it carefully, making sure to differentiate between characters such as 0 (zero) and O (capital letter o).

Once you have entered the CD Key correctly, the CD title will be displayed below the key. If the title is not displayed, check the entered CD Key carefully against that on the CD case.

Click on the Next button, ensure the Internet tab is selected and you are connected to the Internet. Click on the Next button.

After registration is complete, you will see a User Name and Password – they will allow you to more easily register future Macbeth CDs.

Keep the User Name and Password somewhere safe. You can print the details, including your username and password. We suggest you do print the details, as recommended on-screen, and place the paper somewhere safe, such as folded inside your CD case.

Use this User Name and Password to quickly register other Macbeth CD titles in the future using the Express Internet option.

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