Fax/Mail Registration

Enter Registration Code

If you registered your DiggerTM software by Mail, Fax, or Telephone, you would have received your Registration Code. You must now carefully type this into DiggerTM in order to complete the registration of your CD.

Open your DiggerTM database by following the instructions that came with your CD. DiggerTM will notice you haven’t already registered, and ask if you wish to do so now. Choose Register Now.

You will be asked if you have received a Registration Code, select Yes and click on Next.

DiggerTM will then display a window into which you can type both the Registration Code and the CD Key. Be very careful to type them exactly. If you make a mistake, such as typing the number 1 instead of the letter l, the registration will fail.

Once you have successfully entered your Registration Code and CD Key and clicked on Next, your copy of this DiggerTM title is fully registered.

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